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Yin and Yang is the most recognized concept of Taoism. In essence this symbol represents "the nature of change, balanced as two halves of a whole". Yin is the dark side and Yang the white. If you notice, there's a little bit of dark and in the light, and a bit of light in the dark. Quite the concept to wrap your head around, right? We found this faded Yin Yang painted in an alleyway in Ventura, CA. A gentle reminder that even if we can't always see it, good and evil are all around us.

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TITLE: Balance
SIZES: 8x12, 11x17 and 13x19 inches
CUSTOMIZE IT: Interested in a larger size? Send us a message.

All of our photos are printed on archival quality, semi-gloss paper that has a velvety texture and rich quality. Your purchase will be made to order and ready to ship within 1 to 3 business days. All prints are shipped directly from sunny Santa Barbara, California and signed by the artist. 

No, sorry. This listing if for a print only. However, all of our prints fit standard frame sizes.